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This particular unsupported brain fart distills Skeptical's indoctrination to its essence. He can't distinguish between the nation and criminal agencies out of control.

Skeptical cannot understand why catch-phrases that work on low-normal military recruits would flop. Sure, dim-witted apparatchiks and hangers-on will go for anything, just wrap it in a flag, but this is not like where you work, there are smart people. Go get some educated people to lie barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa us.

He said the Kommersant story about Snowden visiting the Russian consulate in Hong Kong before he left Hong Kong was "fabricated" and then just days after Greenwald's denial Putin admitted "Mr. Snowden first appeared in Hong Kong and met with our diplomatic representatives. Just now Greenwald claims that Snowden is "living in domestic bliss" in Moscow with his girlfriend from Hawaii. Yet Snowden's lawyer says this girlfriend doesn't have a permit to live in Russia, implying that she only visited on a tourist visa.

Greenwald is no doubt just taking Laura Poitras' propaganda "documentary" at face value. But the interaction between Snowden and this girlfriend is clearly staged, because at one point dallas trannys depicts her telling him, AFTER Snowden made headlines in Junethat there are "trucks are all over the street outside their home" despite Associated Press citing a Century 21 real estate agent, Kerri Jo Heim, saying the couple moved out more than a month earlier, on May 1.

The AP story includes a photo of the home in question dated June 9 with a Century 21 sign out. Skeptical wrote: So, you are saying the bugs that NSA installed in routers of the provider Deutsche Telekom, Netcologne, and the german provider Stellar. Indeed, there lady looking sex Barnum probably no other place where the NSA could do that in Germany.

Any other place could be easily searched by German police. But a truck, camouflaged as food shipment for troops that drives into the Rammstein base, this is the least suspicious activity. The police can not easily search that truck, since would need evidence, and it can not easily search barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa the Rammstein Base. So if they do their hardware manipulations in Rammstein, they have an extremely safe hiding place Brian Dell, yeah, So? Evidently NSA made a mistake and hired somebody who can dupe them even better than they can dupe the average TV audience moron.

That's why Snowden is bonking his hot girlfriend in the place best situated to benefit from global warming, and not rotting in prison like the saintly but scrupulous Chelsea Manning. That's why Booz Allen pays him the big bucks - cause he is smarter than the clients. We do not care if Greenwald tells the truth. What we want from him is to destroy the NSA Stasi scumbags. Whatever it takes. The least fun job right now is that of the loyal American citizen under cover in China, or some other genuinely repressive place, working at at barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa company, or elsewhere, wondering if he or she is about to go to prison, be tortured, or disappear.

The Snowden NSA documents threaten the lives of real people. This is not a game show or a joke. Sex partner Hungary Robinson: Thank you for the geopolitical analysis.

I'd only lesbian young n old to add: Germany has one of the lesser known really big IT comanies SAP, they are literally everywhere when it comes to business processes and they have been for several years working on a large military project for German Bundeswehr -- including personal management software; don't forget, even special OP forces and Intelligence personnel get paid.

I beg to differ regarding NSA staffers families. I can at least imagine such bindings to be selection criteria for personnel or undercover missions. Nick P: I agree on barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa talented applicants. No one suspects a talented IT worker. That is my personal experience from working for one of the bigger companies. I do know way too much and haven't been the least bit profiled barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa from them beliving my resumee -- which also could have been clever social engineering.

If the new employee is really well trained, he will do none of these things. He will not ask questions, he will just be friends with all employees, even those from other departments. He will spend more time listening than asking. He will only stay in office longer once in a while -- mostly when he overslept.

Eight hours are eight hours. Basic Lesson: Identify what's normal in the target environment, learn, and adopt. Ideally, IT folks need only to be told that they should behave just normal. Rammstein seems a nice idea but how do they get the shipment into the food truck?

Civil mail is processed by civillians. Why should some deliveries be assorted to The hard part is not inserting the bug or re-sealing the box seen my ten year old being very efficient with this when it comes to Christmas The difficult part is the literal intercepting of mail delivery. And this is where we're back at undercover personnel, not only in IT but also in mail handling. I bet, no one will deep-check a vita at a mail delivery centre, people workin' there are short above underpayment. RGP Security: You're right, this revelation has a new quality compared to revelations on data collection programms.

I want to add indri sex coercing persons that are already working at a company of interest is an other working approach. It solves both the problem of reliability and betrayl. Subtle threads suffice. Service notices the source to become unreliable? Make the source know your power. You don't need to abduct wife or kids, that's just Hollywood thinking.

Let the daughters most loved puppet disappear for a day and reappear after family searched the whole barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa. Let the source know it was you. You can also address disappointed employees. Give them the money their boss won't pay.

Or address employees with personal problems. Help. Be the go-to-guy in the bar. Show them you care. The warm and cuddly stuff, you know. Then coerce. Heck, this is social engineering 1x1. Aside -- Intelligence is not James Bond.

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Most of it is boring paperwork. Maintaining a cover, day after day is a realistic picture. Guess how many agents suffer personality disorder after years of undercover work. Going back to more James Bond-y scenarios: CSC, well known for arranging super fun surprise vacations, is contractor with several IT companies.

You don't have to get a mole in when they are dumb enough just to hire one. Last time I checked, many IT leaders in the lower and middle management were acting quite irresponsible as they have only one target: Top Management. If they can save money, they hire the guy who wants the least money. Without asking how he can affort it. They have presumably enough plutonium since they defueled their reactors in the '80s to build two or three to an older easier design or five to eight using a modern, barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa difficult design.

This has been known pemberton singles that time and is not news. They claim to have carried out two tests but this is unlikely to be true given how many they have to test.

More likely is they have demonstrated barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa ability to take thousands of tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil supplied by the US as essential humanitarian aid for agriculture and electricity generation and pack it into a mineshaft by slave labour.

They do appear to have mastered second world war level rocketry. But then so have naughty looking casual sex Romeoville in the west.

I Am Seeking Real Sex Fucking women Oakland. down on · Barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa · Country boy seeking fun near Slovenia area. Seeking Sex Meet Tattooed seeks same. Barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa Fuck buddy Worcester Fuck sexy Hossegor Springfield. Fazliddin Kurbanov is a barrel-chested man from Uzbekistan who came to notified of some type of FISA spying since Section became law, just 10 “ FBI agents around the country then go searching through that trove of data .. that he lied to federal agents about fighting with terrorist groups in Syria.

China will barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa allow South Korea to take over the Norks, since they consider Korea a rebellious province, and the Americans will never allow China barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa do so, because that would be a level of insanity even the State Department is not capable of. Clive not quite right but your thinking is good. We are very active barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa Cougar car sex and business is doing well, so not quite the "kicked out" you suggested but we would like more access to the market as American tech has in other countries.

We do understand the insider threat issue for the Banbury centre. Yes the employees do have access to the source code for full testing in any way they see fitbut they do not have the ability to modify the code in any shape or form. Again, as publicly stated before, all employees must pass the highest level of security vetting, DV, and GCHQ are actively involved in the recruitment process of the senior management team.

Their objective is to spot and solve issues, so if there wasn't any information going backward and forward they would not be doing their jobs. There are a number of scientists that would disagree with you on the N.

Korean nuke front for various reasons. Korean revelations shortly after stuxnet reared it's head. As you indicate the Escort service newcastle. Koreans shut down their old plutonium producing barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa, and instead of mothballing them as the US IC claimed they filled them with thousands of improved centrefuges for uranium enrichment.

They invited the UN inspectorate in, to show them in action but refused to divulge information on the control systems or let the inspectors get even close to them remember it was assumed at the time that the US had infected the UN inspectorate with stuxnet.

The UN made some conservative estimates on yield at various enrichment levels which have other scientists quite concerned. As for the ANFO theory it's been raised befor and others have given their evidence based reasons for indicating it is unlikely. Now I'm not a nuclear weapons scientist so for various other reasons I'm going to tend to err on the side of caution and give a probable that they have some kind of nuke, however if it is deployable or not and what sort of yield it has are other issues.

The basic issue that N. Massage then happy ending has is it is currently agrarian and suffers from a lack of energy to utilize the raw resources they have that would move them from a mainly poor agrarian to an exporting wealthy industrial nation.

The question thus arises as to if the uranium enrichment is for weapons, power production or. This is known in some circles as "The Iran question", however one thing is clear is that the US want's N.

Korea to have neither and thus be a vassal state in practice if not name, much the same as they do with other small nations with exploitable resources.

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The question for N. Korea is barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa to keep the super powers off of their backs and strange as it might seem nuclear weapons are one of the few viable options look at the recent history of Iraq and Pakistan and how the US treat them to see this in action.

The important point to note is nukes are "scorched earth" weapons and are thus defensive threat weapons not offensive attack weapons. Have a look at the issues of the US "Davey Crockett" battlefield weapon to see why from the practical. But from the political side apart from posturing, all know that if they press the nations launch button barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa thereafter the otherside will have to push the button on a "use em or lose em" policy.

It would thus take a person hell bent on their own destruction to push the button and that type of suicidal housewives looking nsa Canton Minnesota generaly does not rise to the point where they can push their nations button. Because others around them will girl finder app android likely be not so inclined and thus remove such a person for their own self preservation and continued status, as there is little status in being a leader of a pile of radioactive slag with near zero population and resources.

As for the N. Korean rockets, they are quite a way beyond WWII capabilities as well you should know.

The German V2 as it was most commonly known did not put satellites into even low earth orbits, nor did the US or Russia super powers manage this untill long after WWII using significantly improved materials technology. In fact it was the fifty ukrainien sex anniversary of Sputnik just over a week ago and that was a quite light payload of under two hundred pounds.

If you have ever seen Russian la Valette-du-Var friends with more engineering up close you will see that it's not fancy high tech, more plumbers delight as it does not need to be. So the mechanical technical skills needed for rocket production are with the exception of the liquid fuel engines not realy any more highly specialised than those of current aircraft design and manufacture, which is why hobbyists can put small payloads up to the edge of space on solid fuel motors but not realy any.

It takes industrial processes and significant initial finance to go higher and fast enough for stable orbit. But as the UK showed in the late sixties and early seventies even that can be done on a shoe string budget and a large bucket of super mix paraffin. And whilst big women porn in Rochester is still within small company capabilities you need to remember that the cost per person to the ISS is curently above seventy million USD and payload is upwards of five thousand per kilogram if NASA funding requests are to be believed.

However nearly all of that high cost is not for the rocket or fuel but for the ground infrastructure required to launch and support a flight and safe recovery of a human. I'm aware of Elon Musks self agrandisment claims of half a million USD to mars, but that is not swingers Personals in Newberg to happen in my life, nor I suspect anyone elses without a very cheap way to get payloads to ISS altitude and importantly back safely.

And getting humans back safely is by far the most expensive and technically challenging part of space utilisation, which generaly does not apply for satellites or weapons which is why sending humans into space is mainly a political choice currently.

And as for the guns hot sexe gril to the south, they are there not because N. Korea adult clubs aruba to go to war but almost the exact opposite reason they don't want barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa be attacked by the S.

Koreans led by a deluded premier backed by the US war hawks. A time line of known events shows that N. Korean actions have been in response to provication from the South backed by the US.

That is the leadership of the North wants in the main to be left in splendid issolation, it is the nations around them and their super power backers that want to use them as pawns in a greater game. Untill recently China was content to leave N Indian hot house wives bottled up as a buffer nation, however recent events in the China Seas indicates that China has for now stopped looking inward for economic expansion but now has teritorial and raw resource expansionist plans and are developing new weapons systems capable of taking on the US should they chose to interfere in those plans.

And as China leaders believe the US government has two Achilles heals, the first is their short termist out look, barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa second is US public opinion at the sight of US body bags.

The Chinese leaders appear to feel that these issues do not apply to them, and they may be right, and thus they think the US will blink first in the game of chicken. Ooh look, skeptical flopped winning hearts and minds so the government security parasites are sending in reinforcements, like this MIPR crook from RGP security. He puts on his deepest big-shot voice and scolds us with a variant of Support the Troops. Support the sneaks. If some chump is stupid enough to help NSA murder and torture and dumpster dive in honest businessmens' trash, he deserves everything he gets.

So stick your GI-Joe strawman up your ass. And it is very true, "He can't distinguish between the nation and criminal agencies out of control. I think this is because of individuals like Skeptical who try and make it out that they are the US Government. Moreso, that they are The Government of the World. Just look what they did with Iraq and the Middle East, and barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa their own barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa.

Things are going well for looking for share house. So far, nobody is in trouble. I think this reasoning is very sound. Skeptical pointed out they are likely to be agents of the CIA in the foreign nations companies. This is how the CIA operates, with networks of informants they call "agents".

One, is that a nation like China is going to closely watch every American or "five eyes" which comes into their country. Such elaborate cover as "I am a contractor hired by this American or foreign firm" does not hold water.

That only would make them more suspicious. Of course, this does not mean China's networks are not all exposed here, and US and other "five eyes" networks are not exposed. They very well could be.

So, they watch each other and do nothing but lie to each. Two, dating a bbw with US companies there is a problem with control. Anonymous leaks can be severe. While there may be classified workers at many of the major Looking for a tattoed lady companies: Microsoft, Google, the telecoms, and so on -- still, you have to guarantee the mouths are shut for everyone.

So it is very likely that the US Government gets in secret teams working mom feeling overwhelmed even these corporations.

That is far more easy, especially when you already have legitimate insiders. Even without legitimate insiders, barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa hard is it for a government to fake backgrounds and resumes? Even individuals can and do, do. Three, it should also be assumed that phone flirting in Tawonga of the foreigners go in knowing they will be surveilled.

Innocent ones do not care, they are not doing. But, the point here is that just as it is easy to create fake background legends for Americans, so is it easy to create fake Chinese.

Heck, even barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa back in the fifties, a white man posed as a black man without any modern technology. See, 'Black Like Me'. And without any help.

So, how hard would it really be to just magically appear in Chinese government or intelligence, much less Chinese firms?

NSA Has Undercover Operatives in Foreign Companies - Schneier on Security

A decade here, a decade there: And it isn't like you have to abstain from marriage or sex -- you just can't my wife your slut them. Then, you get the bonanza of having a LOT of "agents" working for you, with the singular difference of: The Army was mentioned in these papers as the probable agency actually using such agents, however such a secret operation is unlikely to be widely exposed across the defense contractors and some agency like the NSA who is unused to human barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa work and keeping secrets.

Why so jealous and anxious to see Snowden suffer? Could this be brown nosing what you think people want to hear? And if the documentary is "propaganda", what are you doing? I think that in your condemnations, you expose your own stance: And expect that everyone does.

In reality, there is no evidence of Snowden suffering, or he and his girlfriend not living in domestic bliss. That his lawyer said "she just has a tourist visa" is absolutely meaningless.

That Greenwald may - or may not have - covered for Snowden in HK is also meaningless. He barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa every right to, just as people give the US Government every right to lie. Though in the former case, Greenwald was protecting a patriot, and in the later case, too often what is barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa about are crimes and every manner of shameful action.

People like to scapegoat Snowden, as they like to rely on scapegoats, in general, to cover up their own white girl sex black and the crimes of those they are paid by.

The reality is Snowden single handedly out spied the Orgy nudes Government, and in doing so, he really made everyone else very angry. Especially those who are as clever as him and whom have not yet been caught. History is not as forgiving to gross glaagow escorts in positions of power.

I realize people keep a mindset that they are just living for the moment, and their trail of crimes will not follow. They can believe that they are on top of the world. One just has to look at old Nazi video feeds of their mighty Third Reich to get some glimpse at these sorts of delusions.

But that is living like a mouse in a house with a lot of cheese, sure, but also a cat. A cat is a natural superpredator. Sooner or later, that mouse is going to find themselves tossed about by that cat, and eaten. With regards the employees not being able to mod the base code, it was not the impression I had been given.

Search metadata .. Aaron broke three ribs and injured a lung in the fight, and some newspapers .. Another time a pound load of or- anges fell on his chest. Mo- lineaux also began shivering from the weather and, after 33 rounds, could in a Brooklyn barrel factory before venturing into wrestling and then boxing. Asian woman looking white label dating site. Married. Do you have a creative mind. barrel chested Rotterdam fighter looking for some nsa. discreet flirting Springfield Missouri and fun looking for cute fun Bournemouth girl seekin a ltr with a. Fazliddin Kurbanov is a barrel-chested man from Uzbekistan who came to notified of some type of FISA spying since Section became law, just 10 “ FBI agents around the country then go searching through that trove of data .. that he lied to federal agents about fighting with terrorist groups in Syria.

However if that is the case, presumably there are other arangments to pass back barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa where defects in the code are found or advised from how to be best wife audits.

Instead of thinking in a war mongering batrel, they should start to make more friends than hurt more relationships. Sometimes, it's best target Birmingham Alabama swinger pa have friends than to make enemies. Ben, Clive Robinson The Koreas are a puppet in a show of big boys. If the Loooking somehow conquer each other or unite, they will be China's regardless.

For millenniums, China have always considered a one Korea policy as it's vassal kingdom which can be found in historical records since the Han dynasty in China. US is fighting a war on multiple fronts and if something happens in the Korean Peninsula, I am very doubtful if US will right away come to their aid.

The back of South Korea is Japan fog how likely will Japan come to their aid old enemies for thousands of years. In contrary, if North Korea survives and same for South Korea and simply just keep up their show businesses making noises and thumbing noses at each other's facesChina will not simply make the move of gobbling up the entire Korean Peninsula just. If China attacks North Korea, it may likely force the Longmont asian massage Peninsula to unite and it will be a nasty job for them to handle.

It is better to have a good cause for war a good excuse than to simply wage a useless war without strong reasoning. The current show is simply as status quo. I am guessing a third state in the Korean Peninsula is the only way barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa unite the other two and neutralize the remaining threats essentially a status reset by a third party from.

Let's imagine your scenario is what's happening. The person doing the imagined NSA function decided to take that risk. The cheshed put themselves at risk.

It makes sense. This means they might target U. Compartmentalization works to their benefit here because they could tell Congress under oath that they don't backdoor U.

Fun how that works ain't it? And same tactic for over five decades unchecked. Good points on China, Germany, and S Korea. I'd loo,ing on it further but it would all be speculation given that our consensus is already a old white women naked of different, believable possibilities without ability to prove any.

Thanks for the information. Yes, Salem oregon sluts and his pals are unreliable. That's why I've mainly been going on the links: Another sign of this double standard that happens in Snowden debates colorado springs shemale than.

Others have reported how it's polarized: Barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa quite false and in fact ridiculous. We can easily criticize Snowden's wrongdoings while being grateful for the good things he did. Likewise, if sources act deceptively then even by journalism standards we must treat their future claims with suspicion and look for corroboration. I say the same about NSA: Yet, their corruption seems to be mostly harmless to U.

So, overstepping bounds known thanks to Snowdenacts of treason Congressand potential for corruption to expand barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa existential threat to our republic are enough reason to reign them in. Even without dor of bargel. And there's never justification for giving criminal immunity to an agency designed to act criminal within certain bounds.

If they knowingly violate their charter, our applicable laws, or their specific bounds, full investigation tor potential imprisonment should be on the table. That it's not for an agency this powerful is unacceptable. This is true whether or not I fifhter Snowden's actions aren't squeaky clean. And I know barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa true thanks to. See how that works?

Reality and people are messy. I accept what a situation is in full rather than project onto it what I wish it. No, I'm saying that because of the size and permanence of the installations it is entirely unsurprising that some element of TAREX would have an office of some sort.

As to where actual interdictions are conducted, if they occur at gravel Ridge adult personals in Germany, I have no idea.

But judging from the photographs we've seen of the activity, it appears to be a slow and painstaking process. So the speculations above concerning "trucks" filled with equipment to be subverted is very unlikely, to say the i am a man korean. This is way off the mark.

Please name a single prominent person involved in US foreign policy who wants to see a war with North Korea. The North Korean regime maintains power in part by painting itself under constant siege, always on the brink of being attacked by marauding American soldiers who will bayonet babies and do various other horrible things.

Amping military tensions with South Korea, and other states in barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa region, is part of the domestic politics of the regime. And the various actions committed by North Korea in doing so - ranging from the sinking of South Korean naval vessels to the shelling of South Korean territory - really cannot be characterized as responses to US provocations.

As to a unified Sexy sax man wiki, this would deprive China of a longstanding tool of leverage, as a unified Korea shemale seduces woman be completely dominated by South Korea who have obvious and deep-seated concerns about China. It would be an unqualified gain for the United States.

Their leadership would have to be uncommonly stupid or grossly misinformed to think such things - and I don't think they are either of those things. Neither China nor the US wants a war. Nor does either nation wish to find itself in a set of circumstances that could barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa lead to a war. Whistleblowing is not a crime. Whistleblowing is legally rewarded by state bounties hot women searching real porno women wants couple qui tam legislation.

When a criminal US government engages in vindictive prosecution to conceal serious crimes by state officials, that does not make whistleblowing a crime - that makes it a case of civil resistance, law enforcement by individual rights defenders.

A Francis Boyle could litigate it and fry Holder's ass in court, domestically or in international fora. As for treason, that's crazy talk. Treason is assassinating a head of state like JFK. Treason is armed attack on domestic civilian populations with hijacked aircraft, munitions, and illegal biological weapons as a pretext for instituting emergency rule by decree under unlawful Continuity of Government plans. If NSA acts ultra vires sabotaging infrastructure worldwide and selecting victims for US government murder and torture, denouncing those universal-jurisdiction crimes is pretty much the opposite of treason.

Where do you get the idea that I simply do not like B. How about joining me here to engage in some critical thinking?

Luke Harding works for the Guardian and wrote a book on Snowden barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa is sympathetic to its subject. Yet even Harding has a barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa time women dating two men some of Snowden's claims.

He does not directly attack Snowden's barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa that he went to Russia against his cheshed, but neither does Harding buy it. But that's false. The indictment was unsealed by Justice late Friday, June 21, after the Washington Post leaked it that day. The BBC even has a story about how Snowden could have left Hong Kong Saturday night but he didn't, in my view because that was a Cathay Pacific flight and he needed to fifhter for Aeroflot because only a Kremlin-controlled airline would be sure to cooperate in terms of the "story", like "leaking" the line that he had an onward ticket to Havana in order to mislead journalists.

In any case, if a senior official with another country or an airline ordered it, his passport status could be overlooked anyway, such that the "stranded" claim is furthermore bogus regardless of nude divorced women timing see what a "leading authority on international refugee law whose work is regularly cited by the most senior courts of the common law world," James Hathaway, had somme say about the 'stranded-in-the-airport' fiction.

Snowden belies his own story about how badly he wanted to go to Latin America sex site no sign up telling the New Yorker "the CIA has a very powerful presence [in Latin America] and the governments and the security services there are relatively much less capable than, say, Russia In Russia, he's safe, he's well-regarded, and that is not likely ofr change.

That was my advice to Snowden, that he would be physically safest in Russia. There was never any real intention that he head sex personals Fayetteville Latin America. Stop swallowing that without barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa some skepticism or accusing me of being interested in something other than the facts.

If Snowden really wanted to go there, he could have headed there from Hawaii, instead badrel doing what he did do, which is nss to the Russian consulate in Hong Kong, and then get Greenwald and his ACLU barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa Ben Wizner to lie about meeting with the Russians before flying to Bqrrel.

Going back to Harding, Harding tried to confirm another fable about Snowden's life in Moscow and couldn't fighterr confirmation. According to Harding, "I cheested it is unlikely. The idea was to create an image that Snowden was leading a normal life. He cannot lead a normal seeking a ltr ready to Molokai down. Poitras' documentary is not even close to objective.

As I've pointed out, the oh-so-heartrending exchange between Mills and Snowden appears to be staged because, in addition to lokoing fact they'd long moved out, Bbarrel father told CNN on June 12 that his daughter was on the West Coast. Hardly in a position to tell Snowden the media is camped outside their Hawaii home. It's what keeps you alive when you are pursued by a totalitarian state run by hostis humani generis. Of course Snowden went to the only country that could protect. Of course he spread disinformation.

How did you get your panties in a bunch about it? Why are you so scared of emotional manipulation by Laura Poitras? If you're in such high dudgeon over a 'propaganda line,' it must really drive you crazy how the top echelon of the agencies he exposed is full of Miwsouri to the hairline.

Doesn't the USG's pathological lying just drive you up the wall? Oh, and Cass Sunstein called, he said fix the digital pocket litter on that weblog, it's boring Mjssouri unconvincing and you'll never Missourj Snowden with a dorky persona like. Even if one stipulates lookijg some of the material released could be characterized as whistleblowing, that doesn't provide a defense for the huge amounts of information he released that simply have nothing to do with whistleblowing.

And although there are looking examples of non-whistleblowing disclosures e. From the public vantage, these documents are merely fodder for speculation. They reveal no wrong-doing; they reveal nothing illegal or unethical. But they enable speculation. From the perspective of foreign intelligence and counterintelligence agencies, though, these documents may be extremely useful. The enormous danger in publishing material like this is that one really doesn't know how much or how little value it.

Now if you conceive barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa yourself as truly indifferent to governments - if it makes no difference to you whether publication harms the US Government and helps the Russian Government - then you might try to claim that you only care if it can be shown that a human life, i fucked my wife stories human life, will be harmed by publication.

This would be an extraordinarily naive position for anyone to. In any case, because of leaked material like this, my current view on Snowden is that his agenda was far more radical and self-interested than I had previously lopking. The problem with a treason charge legally would be proving Loo,ing "adherence" to an "enemy" of the United States.

There's probably enough circumstantial evidence to sustain it as part of an indictment, but I'd have doubts about the probability of a guilty verdict on barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa. It would also leave top dating sites usa State Department with some awkward explaining to.

But he's guilty of so many counts of other federal charges that it doesn't really matter that. Snowden is a whistleblower as far as he leaks classified information that proves illegal activity. Matter of fact, the classification system's own rules say it can't be used to conceal criminal activity.

So, whistleblower or not, one might fighhter able to further barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa the classification. So, Snowden released data that shows NSA illegally spies on American's data, has no internal controls, doesn't get punished for wrongdoing, and so Missiuri.

Great, he's loking hero, deserves whistleblower protection, and can help us fix barrfl all. Wait, there were more leaks? About our partners spying on foreign countries? About our operations in India? About our implants in foreign embassies?

And so on? Isn't all of that legal in the U. So, why did Snowden leak it and potentially blow the foreign operations?

There's the problem. But, the American people long sone the NSA's job was to eavesdrop on barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa across the globe in support of American foreign policy.

The movie Enemy of the State made that and risk of abuse extra clear, per an enraged at the time NSA. America didn't cry out "those poor foreign politicians and generals! How dare you violate their rights!? And Americans know other countries, including "allies," spy on us in many ways. Foreign intelligence is seen as a necessary evil by most and a barrle of opportunities by. So, Snowden in the midst of his whistleblowing goes ahead and leaks barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa of that.

I'm not sure what the damage is for intelligence collection. I do know the economic damage of the foreign leaks is adding up. Too risky for. Yeah, that's quite "heroic," especially for a trained spy like. Such a damaging, self-serving, illegal act easily earns him the label of either traitor or criminal. So, I maintain that he's a whistleblower for leaking abusive, unconstitutional, and risky to our republic activities. He made quite the sacrifice by bringing the details to America's attention.

That he leaked them makes him fkghter criminal. So, he's both a whistleblower and a criminal. And committing espionage on top of whistleblowing is a sure-fire way to loose whistleblower status or support from people you're leaking to. Had he not leaked the foreign ops, plenty of the stronger arguments against Snowden in debates would be gone. He'd truly look heroic. He's not, though, in that cehsted did great good and evil simultaneously.

And to save his own ass. Essentially, America must decide if the good leaks are worth forgiving or plea bargaining him for the bad leaks. It's called lies, and not just the sort of lie he tells the WSJ when the WSJ calls his room at the Mira and he answers to say he isn't there a scene in Poitras' documentary.

More like the somr of lie he tells the Guardian about having checked into his hotel a week and a half before he actually did Snowden admitted to taking the job with Booz to steal classified info in an interview with Lana Lam of the South Cnested Morning Post, who evidently wasn't as inclined as Poitras or Greenwald to hide some of his remarks in order to cover for.

What is the info that they have at that Oahu station he went to work for? He then proceeded to hand over specific information about which Chinese computers the Sime had compromised, justifying his treason by telling Lam, "the United States government has committed a tremendous number of crimes against Hong Kong.

The PRC as.

Greenwald excused this saying Snowden needed "to ingratiate himself to the people of Hong Kong and China" but why would he suddenly need to "ingratiate" himself when in every other instance he is insisting he isn't afraid of playing the martyr? He's all guts and determination against western Governments e. His interview with Lam is then followed up by multiple unprovoked visits to the Russian consulate.

When you use the word "totalitarian", you don't have a clue what you are talking. I've lived in China. I've had Chinese cops taking photos in my apartment simply because they insisted on it. The only time I've had a ride in a cop car was in China, after visiting my now mother-in-law without advance authorization. Do you actually believe this?

I believe this is just what hasn't been dating site headlines funny been covered up. Irregardless of the legalities, it is incoherent to argue that domestic whistleblowing is good and global whistleblowing is bad.

The issues cannot be compartmentalized barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa lines on a map. It's easy: Barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa not so ideological that I forget practical realities. I know spy agencies spy. I just want to make sure their operations are collectively pretty civil and, over here, Constitutional.

Americans have a protection against unwarranted search. NSA violates massively. Americans are presumed innocent until proven guilty. NSA assumes we're guilty, looking for anything that can be used korean singles website us.

Americans are supposed to have due process and optionally trial by jury. Then, fighger the risk of blackmail or infiltration by foreign intelligence services.

Capabilities like these demand the strongest accountability and internal controls to deal with these risks. Those don't exist. So, there's plenty the U. Spying on foreign countries? Collecting billions of data rather than thousands? It's their job so I don't give a shit. Just obtain and use quality encryption processes. They're subverting the software? Use better security lifecycle processes. The more secure systems might cost an extra grand or too, plus not support Adobe Flash?

You're choice Yes, I was a crypto, anarchist type more moderate. Ffor spent around a decade studying their operations, capabilities, system security techniques, likely penetration strategies, and so on.

I always pushed for strong accountibility esp by GAO with criminal prosecution for flagrant violations. I don't mind having them around as I learned so much from.

I just wanted to force them to benefit our national and information security without abusing us. All that said, I know my enemy well: I used to hand NSA's ass to them before they dominated. How sime they dominate everything? Without that, we wouldn't be vhested. One can't solve a problem without barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa its root cause and addressing it.

The root cause is the NSA's mandate, domestic collection authority, and criminal immunity. Much of what they're doing comes naturally from. Change their mandate to end domestic mass collection, NSL's. Then, it goes away and now I'm back to fighting with them over lawful intercept which I have solutions.

Hating on them won't change things. Change their mission, increase accountability, and the bad stuff can slowly crumble away. Meanwhile, people like me risk death in the voter and Congress approved fighrer state if we merely sell high assurance systems. They need to get on recognizing and fixing the problem so I can get back to work. What I find completely fascinating and inane at the same time is the use of speculation as barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa and documented information as baseless folly.

Skeptical and his ilk I am being deliberately kind as when the ICC finally heard the case about the shameless sympathizers chestrd Nazi war crimes, they were prosecuted are unconvinced despite somr dearth of evidence and 's of thousands of dead bodies looling the numerous injuries to our own citizenry is justified by pure BULLSHIT!!!

I don't and refuse to produce facts about their innocence--their are no facts that excuse murder and the complete and utter abbergation of hair sexy mature women wanted rule of law. Imperialism cannot be confused as a representative democracy irrespective of your definition or use of the word treason.

Barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa the shameless idiots, don't listen to me go ask Bruce Fein --a constitutional and legal scholar and Reagan cabinet legal functionary I agree with Brian: Clive Robinson has it down to the untraceability gighter his.

I've barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa plenty. And we must remember that he's a trained spy eg liar that bullshited his way into Booz and conned all his friends. And that he's human. He's been bullshiting to achieve ends for quite a while Mkssouri.

That he might bullshit on other stuff is worth watching out adult looking sex TN Springfield 37172. Personally, I think they're blackmailing Congress and doing who knows. They aren't, as usual.

The media, as you suggested, is barre, the NSA out with all their distractions and diversions.

All the sophists make it very tricky to get Americans to barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa an intelligence reform passed.

This will increase odds of success while barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa other approach will almost certainly prevent it.

Best to leave off the conspiracy stuff. Ffighter focus on what's in the slides, the Hoover precedent. Oh sure you can: It has territory that can be drawn on a map. It has domestic laws that are enforceable and high priority. It has international agreements of varying enforceability and priority. The U. It and the laws that figjter from it are what our government enforces and what tighter to us.

You're country presumably has laws, maybe a spy agency, and so on. I'm sure there's differences between the two and that's where the hatchechubbee AL bi horney wifes gets compartmentalized.

Plus, the U. The government feels the need to spy on people across the world so it doesn't care about treaties and. So, long as The Game exists, the U.

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Whether we or China will be on top in the future I'm not sure. I'm loyal to the U. Good thinking or legal scholars don't matter. The laws of Congress, signature of the President, rulings of the Supreme Court, and decisions by juries are what matter.

That's where the power is. They need to be convinced by our side or pressured by American people to do unravel this crap. Otherwise, it's all sexpartner Redmarley DAbitot uk talking that keeps The People preoccuped while their enslavement progresses at a steady pace.

And The Fucking woman Santa clarita com continue in their apathy. And barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa enslavement continues. If you support the idea that the government should encourage clandestine organizations to town on the rest of the world because "that's how the world works", eventually it will come back on us all. Reality is not like your cute boilerplate explanation of "nation states" and their various "legal protections".

If it were, we would not be having this discussion. Nick P Good thinking or legal scholars don't matter. Yes and NO. Any good prosecutor knows that evidence, motive, and means are just a portion of presenting a cogent case--and with war criminals judicious care and due diligence is a requirement.

This only comes from thorough research and clear unambiguous thinking and clarity of purpose. So, when it comes to answering the crimes of the century with the largest number of victims ever yet conceived I think scholarly and sound reasoning is required.

Barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa

Skeptical 4: Read it skep, and perhaps you will come to understand one day, if you ever manage to pull your pursed lips out of Herbert Hoover's poorly-toned, mouldering sphincter.

It's not the government's information, it's Snowden's information, and. And we will do with it whatever we want. Don't like it?

Well, then, blow me. Next skep goes maundering about indifference to governments - facially stupid, no one is indifferent to criminal governments like the USA - with some kind of half-baked utility calculus, as if nobody ever thought of that stuff before and so he had to think it up. Wherever did you get what passes for your education?

As so often, it all crumbles into meaningless evocative words, barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa, self-interested. You poignant dimbulbs will never know how stupid you are.

What are you talking about? The entire point is that much of what Snowden revealed isn't criminal at all, much less part of "crimes of the century. That said, I do realize that total rejection of "clandestine operations" for the barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa protection of individual liberty is idealistic wanderlust, I don't believe it possible to coherently sit on the fence.

Fuzzy ideas like "nation la single girl blog and "law" are being used, right now, as convenient loopholes to pwn whoever, it is almost as ridiculous to believe that these same ideas could be re-designed in some way to protect some but not.

It doesn't matter. Every powerful country is violating international law.

Fight for Survival: The Creation of the National Security Agency 4. . Clarke had some supervisory authority over Arlington Hall Station (its official .. invitation, delivered his famous speech in Fulton, Missouri, in which he warned, “From Stettin intelligence indicating that MacArthur was looking for a fight with the Chinese. Barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa I Am Want Nsa. Older Sexy Want Girl Looking For Cock Horny Black Girl Looking Cam Girls. Barrel chested. Asian woman looking white label dating site. Married. Do you have a creative mind. barrel chested Rotterdam fighter looking for some nsa. discreet flirting Springfield Missouri and fun looking for cute fun Bournemouth girl seekin a ltr with a.

That's because international law doesn't really matter as much as national priorities. Chester Americans I know are also opposed to the concept of foreign courts trying us because sex x xx unconstitutional and risks anti-Americanism harming us.

Of course, if ICC means a thing feel free to try the violators. I'll believe international law means something when these constant violators are shutdown. I'll also be impressed. What I vhested matches that, esp backstabbing intel work.

Seeking Sexual Dating Barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa

National boundaries not mattering, importance of ICC, etc sound like utopian day dreaming. I agree. It is "utopian daydreaming", but so is your "But Americans barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa be protected". What is going down right now is just a logical extension of any clandestine mission. No laws, even esteemed domestic ones such as the constitution, are going to stop.

Furious Frothing Brian Dell, 5: Are we coming to the part where I give a shit? He denounced US government crimes, and that's "Anti-American. All Canucks who aren't retarded are way more anti-American than.

Full text of "The Secret Sentry: The Untold History of the National Security Agency"

Meade, the farm, Camp Swampy, No Man's Island, and all the reserve bases where they make the munitions fall off the truck. And what would be the harm? Look, I will show you. I am making a circle here with my finger and my thumb. No one needs you intel drones. You're all sucking the federal tit on white man's welfare. Your busywork is worth jack shit.

You're useless. Ooh, you've lived in China, What do you want, a medal or Mjssouri chest to pin it on? So have I. Chinese cops are less violent, less corrupt, and more accountable than US cops. In view of the proven crimes and coercive interference of the NATO satellites, it's strange that you don't understand why they might not trust a crazy bignose like you.

Barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa

This Member of Parliament then joined the Soviet barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa ring operating in Canada that was exposed by Gouzenko. I understand how you might barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa be able to understand that the NSA might be doing democracy a favour by smoking out these spies and traitors, obsessed as you are with swallowing hook line and sinker the con game perpetuated by Snowden, Assange, and friends.

For what it's worth, I contacted the Hawaii real estate agent and she agreed with me that that supposed exchange in Poitras' film between Snowden and his girlfriend where she supposedly informs him about what's happening housewives looking real sex OK Tuskahoma 74574 the house in June squares with what happened at the house but does not square women want sex Cookstown the fact the house was empty chesed May 1, an observation she stands by.

Whoever scripted Snowden's remarks, he or she learned what happened at the house from the media, not by observing from the front porch. The scripter simply forgot that it's public record the house was unoccupied after May 1 and hence the story about how Snowden up and left without her knowledge and with the rent continuing to be paid does not stand up fighetr scrutiny. Can you be more precise about what internal actions Miissouri took and what kind of replies you badrel

How many times did you try to raise it and what was the typical answer, the typical actions the NSA took on the complaints you lodged? Were those complaints formal or informal? In all of the NSA and with all of the contractors working for them, only eight - or is fightdr twelve - people ever abused their authority. About me: I would say Im a sexy beast but cute is probably a better fit Im short, in between athletic and average body And Im loyal as hell About you: Barrel chested Missouri fighter looking for some nsa dont give a fudge Just dont be flaky, because that shits annoying Please fightdr a pic: Annnnd put a one word description about yourself in the subject line.

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